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I heart Sweaters

Matt Nicholls (yes, that's me in the sweet sweater) is a Houston-based photographer. 


Go ahead and insert your own wild story here about how God himself sent down an angel to place a camera in my hands shortly after birth. This would be quite fantastic, but very far from the truth.


The truth is I stumbled into photography in 2007 by dating another photographer. Seeking her approval, I went out and bought the best camera I could afford, spending my entire life savings (roughly $400) on an amazing 6 megapixel Nikon with a kit lens.


Fast forward to today... Photography has become a pretty large part of my life. I still claim to just be a guy with a camera, but in reality, it's probably a bit bigger than all that. 


In the past few years my camera has taken me all around the world. I have met amazing people, had some unforgettable experiences, and taken quite a few pictures along the way. This website is just a place to put everything in one spot for everyone to enjoy.