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Q) How's it going? 

A) Good! How are you? 


Q) So where are your prices/rates?

A) Well, to be honest, I prefer to just shoot the events that I want to shoot. This is a hobby, and I prefer to keep it one. If you have a job you feel my style of photography would work well for, just shoot me a message and we can talk. 


Q) Can I buy one of your photos from you? 

A) Of course! I love selling prints, I even have my own large format printer and can do my own canvas wraps! Anything you see on here I would be glad to print for you. Just drop me a message and we can go from there. 


Q) Can you do my (headshots, wedding, engagement, bridals, pet pics)? 

A) Maybe... really, I have a style that I prefer, which is candid. Posing people is something that takes lots of practice, and being honest, I just don't have much of just yet. If you don't mind being a guinea pig, then I'd love the practice.